Pay Per Click (PPC)

Instant page 1 exposure

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a quick and effective way to get in front of your target market and instantly drive traffic to your website, displaying them almost instantly on the right side of search engines alongside the organic results.

You can easily change every aspect of the advert from the wording, the keywords that prompt them, your budget and click cost. Campaigns show you detailed performance data which allows a greater insight on how to best optimise ads for the best results.

A successfully implemented PPC campaign can offer a great ROI as the cost you pay for a click is usually minimal in relation to the potential sale from that visitor.

Our PPC service is designed to create you a an effective campaign with high conversion at the lowest cost to give you the largest ROI possible.

We achieve this by using the best tools to research your marketplace and find you the best performing keywords to target. We create compelling ad copy and engaging landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

We regularly analyse the data coming from your ads performance so we can continually optimise your ad to increase efficiency and drive down cost whilst increasing the conversion rate, to make sure you are getting the most out of your budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Benefits of Pay Per Click

No Click, No Cost

You only pay for the people that click on your ad and visit your website.

Budget Your Spend

You can set a daily budget so you know exactly how much you are spending per day.

Instant Exposure

You can appear directly on the first page of search engines within minutes of your ad going live.

Our Process

Research & Goals

The first step to getting your PPC campaign set up is to learn about your business and establish realistic goals.

We then research your target market & competitors campaigns so we can examine Click Through Rates, Keyword Performance, Conversion Rates & Cost Per Click to identify the most suitable keywords to enable us to develop a strategy that will deliver the highest conversion rate and ROI.

Campaign Setup

Once we have established the keywords we want to target, we will create the campaigns and make the necessary adjustments so the campaign is relevant to your target market, and appropriate bid is set to achieve the best exposure within your budget.

we will create relevant Ad copy to draw users attention with a strong call to action to entice them to click on your Ad.

Tracking & Optimisation

We continually track your campaigns and analyse the statics from every aspect of the campaign to give us the data we need to optimise your campaigns

Once we have a solid understanding of the past performance of your campaign we can optimise them to ensure that each campaign is getting the most exposure out of the budget and the conversion rate is at optimum level.


Every month we provide you with a detailed report outlining the performance of your PPC campaign and how it compares to the previous month. We also highlight potential opportunities we could explore. We can tailor the reports to contain which ever data is important for you to measure the performance of the campaign in relation to your goals.

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